Advantages of hiring an experienced team

At Gutter & Screen Pros, we have a team of skilled and experienced workers that specializes in gutters, gutter installation, gutter repair and gutter screens. In Palm Beach, hiring a professional team for your gutters can give you more advantages compared to doing them all on your own. Here are just some reasons why you should hire our company:

Lowers your total expenses

Our company offers a competitive price when it comes to installing and repairing gutters. It may seem the other way around, but our team covers all the details a repair should have. It includes special equipment and tools that will make it easier to do our job and make the repair more stabilized. It will also lower your cost because if you manage to make a mistake while repairing your own gutters, chances are you’re going to spend more money repairing it. We also have better connections when it comes to buying high quality materials that would make your gutters last longer.

Safety & Security

When it comes to repairing your gutters by yourself, it is important to remember that the roof is a very dangerous place to work on. Climbing a ladder is also dangerous because you would need to make sure that your ladder is stable and could hold you for a long time. Hiring our team could save you the trouble that you might get into. We have special tools and equipment that will help us get our materials up and down your house. This is safer and can lessen any possible injuries.

Protecting your home for longer period

By hiring our company, Gutter & Screen Pros of Palm Beach, you are ensuring that your gutters will last longer and will do its job properly. We will also be happy to keep them maintained and will repair them as soon as you/we see any problems. Having gutters beside your roof is equally important as keeping them maintained. It is one of the most important features of a home because it protects your walls from rainwater that falls from your roof. If you don’t have gutters installed in your roof, you will have big problems in the future, like:

  • Damage in your garage and exterior doors
  • Cracks and settlings in your patio, sidewalks and driveways
  • Unstable soil in your house
  • Erosion which could damage your turf and landscape
  • Water damage in the siding of your house
  • Water stains in your stone masonry or bricks
  • Unstable foundation of your house in the future

That is why when you have gutters installed in your house, it is best and advised by experts to have them checked, maintained and, if ever, repaired. Nowadays, there are a lot sites that teaches you how to properly clean your own gutters. They may be reliable and true at times, but nothing compares when a professional and skilled worker will handle the job.

Gutter installation and gutter repair are our specialty so you can be rest assured that we will take care of your house like it’s our own home. Contact us for installation, checking, maintenance and repairing of your gutter system.